Discover Engineering

TechXcite is an after-school engineering curriculum developed jointly by 4-H and Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering. This curriculum was developed as part of a National Science Foundation sponsored program and is utilized in 4-H supported after-school programs across the country. The TechXcite curriculum offers a rich and vibrant exploration of engineering, mathematics, science and technology. If you are interested in using the curriculum in your after-school program, click on Curriculum and get ready to Discover Engineering.

What is Engineering?

Engineers invent new products that improve the quality of human life. Some of the things that engineers build are: ultrasound imaging systems that can show a baby inside a mother's body to make sure the baby is healthy; Cloaking devices that make things invisible; Solar panels for capturing energy from the sun; Robots that can work in dangerous environments, allowing humans to remain safe; every electronic device you can think of including TVs, DVD players, iphones, car fobs that let you push a button to open or lock your car.

Engineering is all around you. It is true that engineers use science and math as tools to solve problems, but there is also an art to engineering. How would you decide what needs to be created to improve our world? Engineers, working in teams, will be the creators.